BlancList - Blanc's version of Mark Forster's Final Version

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"I'm finding it more effective and faster to use. That's rare in digital tools"Scott, USA
"About 1 in 20 Mark Forster Subscribers uses BlancList"Steve, BlancList
"Hi! this is a great implementation - thank you"J, USA
"This is an excellent digital execution of FV. It doesn't make it more complicated"Scott, USA
"It's excellent"Adam, England
"Great app. Using now. Thank you!"Jep, USA
"I'm not sure yet if I'll abandon paper and pencil all together, but right now i feel like I might"Sanne, Netherlands
"It's glorious in its simplicity and I hope it will stay that way… Brilliant, all of it. Keep up the good work"Victoria, Scotland
"Just tried it and very impressed"Mark, England
"It was built specifically for FV, and didn't let you do anything else"Scott, USA
"Thanks for developing a website that helps to make life easier!"Sanne, Netherlands
"Dove back into BlancList today… I was INSTANTLY more productive… Blanc is kicking butt for me"Scott, USA
"Your app is very easy to use and really makes it easy to implement FV. Looks good on android too."Mors, Philippines
"This is really helping me a lot. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"Joyce, USA
"Keep up the good work"S, South Africa

About BlancList

We were super excited when Mark Forster released his Final Version, so excited we had to give it a go. The thing is, being good-looking and talented web developers, we had to build it before we could play.

This app is what we came up with, pretty much in one day. It should work pretty well on mobile and desktop, and we think matches the method quite nicely. We'll maybe tinker with a few bits in the future as there are some things we'd like to add, but this should do 'just enough'.



We’re a compact and powerful digital design consultancy with offices in Birmingham and Cardiff.

We’ll make no bones about it, we’re no juggernaut agency. Instead, we are fast, agile and flexible - by design. We’re all about tailored solutions that work well and look fantastic. We’re not shackled to particular ways of working, preferring to fit processes, techniques and the tools we use to suit each client’s needs.